Hi This is

Diddy Wheldon

Actress, Artist, B.Msc, BSV

Greetings and Salutations

I have been in and out of the Entertainment Industry since the age of 6. I would act on stage in skits at the Nottingham Goose Fair Caravan rally, I was a professional model for Bride Style Magazine and Catalogue at the age of 9 and appeared on billboards in London. I was professionally trained at Nottingham Playhouse Theatre from the age of 16, primarily as a Sound and Lighting Engineer where I worked on and off for 16 years, in all of the backstage departments while moonlighting as an SA/Walk on for TV and Film both credited and uncredited. My technical career finally progressed to that of Show Manager for the American Adventure Theme Park and then as a Production Manager on the Sun Princess cruise ship in 2005 for Princess Cruises. I am also a Music producer and have collaberated with musicains in Grime, Reggae, Film Noir, Electronic Dance, Drum and Base etc. I also play the Alto Saxophone.

Now coming full circle I am currently available for Acting, Modelling, Presentations, Story Telling, Music Production, Voice Overs and Artwork Commissions for Animal and People Portraits or Buildings.

I am an avid Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision Supporter “BSV” and a Bitcoin Assosication Assosciate Member. Craig is Satoshi and I like Big Blocks. Currently working on a project for ANNE (Awareness Neural Net Explorer) on BSV.

I am currently studying for a Master’s in Metaphysics, upon completion I will then start a Phd in Divinty, I will also be studying via the BSV Academy, Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

Thank you for taking the time to look, time is precious and I appreciate yours. I also have an apparel store at Shop Vida, Some Vegetarian Recipe Tutorials and Some Acrylic Art Work Tutorials.

Peace, Love, Life, Light and Laughter xxx

What I do

Actress, Artist, Voice Over

I have experience both as an Actress and in Technical Theatre, TV, Film, Voice Over, Story Telling, Scare Fests, Murder Mystery Events, Santa's Grottos, and acting on a Steam Train. I Love the outdoors, Camping, Horse Riding, Walking, Driving, Yoga, Crafting, Art and Music and Vegetarian Food. I paint both Digital Portraits and Acrylic Canvas and have some beginners tutorials. I support the Rape Crisis Charity , and the Drug Science Charity run by Professor David Nutt

Music, Metaphysics

I am Fascinated with how Art, Dance, Nature, Music, Yoga and Metapyshics coupled with energy, frequency and vibration can be used to heal the body, mind and spirit. I am an ex sound engineer and a music producer and Alto Saxophone player. I love Ancient history and I like to travel. I also support Bitcoin Satoshis Vision Blockchain Technology and will be doing courses at the BSV Academy in the future. This website will eventually be hosted on the BSV Blockchain

  • Education

  • BSV Academy

    2021 - Current

    Bitcoin Satoshis Vision Blockchain Technology Training

  • University of Metapyshical Sciences

    2019 - Current

    I obtained my Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences Degree in July 2020 and I am Currently Studying for a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences. With the University of Metapyhiscal Sciences Ecuador, South America.

  • Peoples College, Intermedia and Confetti Studios

    1998 - 2004

    Humanites, TV, Film 3D Art and Music Production

  • Experience

  • Freelance

    April 2004 - Present

    Theatre, TV, Film, Music and Prodcution Management and Voice Over and Acting

  • Theatre Production LX, SFX, SM, SA

    May 1988 - Dec 2011

    Trained at Nottingham Playhouse as a Lighting and Sound Engineer, seconding to Stage Managment , Finance, Wardobe, Paintshop, Theme Park and Cruise Ship

  • Please contact me for my full Resume