Rev.Dr of Divinity

Margaret 'Diddy' Wheldon

Actress, Director, Writer

Greetings and Salutations

From Stage Lights to Studio Lights: A Multifaceted Creative Journey My stage debut didn't happen on Broadway, but on the humbler, yet thrilling, platform of Nottingham Goose Fair's Caravan rally. By age nine, I was a professional model, gracing billboards in London and magazines across the UK. This early spark ignited a lifelong passion for performance and storytelling. Nottingham Playhouse Theatre became my creative home for 23 years, starting at 16. I honed my skills not just as a Sound and Lighting Engineer, but in every backstage department: Stage Management, Props, Dressing, Wardrobe, Paintshop, and more. This versatility proved invaluable as I moonlighted in TV and film, accumulating both credited and uncredited roles as an SA/Walk-on. Seeking broader horizons, I transitioned to live event management, becoming Show Manager for the American Adventure Theme Park and Production Manager on the Sun Princess cruise ship. Bringing joy to families in Santa's Grottos and injecting intrigue into Murder Mystery events are just a few of the diverse creative hats I've worn. But my creative expression takes many forms beyond the stage. I'm an artist, a short film scriptwriter, and a children's author, currently exploring my voice through the Actors Workshop Nottingham. As a Haymarket Films Investor, I'm also passionate about supporting future talents. My intellectual hunger led me to delve into the world of Metaphysical Sciences. Graduating with a Doctor of Divinity in 2023, I hold a Master's degree, a practitioner certificate, and Reverends Ordination. This journey continues to inform my understanding of the world and its mysteries. Love for acting, art, music, and the echoes of ancient history, myths, and mysteries weave through every thread of my being. My education at Peoples College, Intermedia TV & Film and Confetti Studios further broadened my artistic horizons, encompassing Humanities, TV/Film/Video Production, 3D Art/Animation, and Music Production. IMDB Credits
IMDB Credits

Investor - Trailer: Summit Fever

Investor - Wesbite and Trailer: Kindling

Director - 2 min Short: Embers of Redemption

Director, Voice Over - 2 min Short: Untethered

Producer - Ghost Riders - Music Video

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Thank you for taking the time to look, time is precious and I appreciate yours. Peace, Love, Life, Light and Laughter xxx